Ordinary photos showcase by Kurt Petersen. All images are original photos and drawings. Many have been enhanced using Adobe and Corel image editing software to emphasize lines and intensify color.

Hope you like them. Better yet, maybe you can use something and want to talk about it. Let me know.

Me Me. Now Now.

I worked as a wholesaler, retailer and designer in the restaurant furniture industry for many years. Thanks to the internet I was able to develop a business I was able to sell a few years ago and mostly get out. I still work part time for the old company and am able to enjoy that quite a bit. Even more than the old days' daily grind.

Before all that my first job ( 1971-1974 ) was in the art business in a fine arts silk screen studio. The studio contracted ( in association with Circle Fine Arts Corp. ) to reproduce original artwork in limited editions for established artists like:
Leroy Neiman http://www.leroyneiman.com/
Peter Max http://www.petermax.com/
Erte http://www.parkwestgallery.com/artist/erte
Evynd Earle http://www.eyvindearle.com/Default.aspx
Frank Gallo https://www.artbrokerage.com/Frank-Gallo
and new artists.
Like a lot of 19-20 somethings I didn't appreciate him at the time but looking back my first boss at my first grown-up job was and continues to be an inspiration. Frank Rowland did what he wanted and said what he thought. He also managed to make a living as an artist with a family. I found out that he's gone now and I regret that I didn't reach out to him when I had the chance. He expected a lot from the people that worked for him but you always knew he knew you could do it.

My old friend Henry Kupjack is not around anymore either. He was pretty inspirational too. No one did what he did. Check out his story at: Hank Kupjack made magic in miniature, creating Lilliputian rooms that were richly detailed, perfectly scaled, historically accurate and enchanting..

-Kurt Petersen

My brother Marty and I in 2018 at the Oregon coast.
I was the oldest of six kids and as you can see I am still the oldest!

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